Smart Policing – Aware Citizen

A Hackathon on to tackle law and order with technology

Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dr.Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University in association with Faizabad Police is organizing a 48 hour Hackathon on the theme Smart Policing – Responsible Citizen with a goal of tackling law and order situation in a more effective manner with the help of technology
Specific problem statements will be shared and innovative and implementable ideas will be invited. The broad themes and problem statements are listed below.
Inviting startups, professionals and students to present your ideas and participate in the Hackathon. Participation is subject to shortlisting of ideas by our mentors.

The Winning teams shall get the following incentives:
• Opportunity to present your solution to Top brass of Faizabad Police
• Opportunity to showcase your solution to Industry leaders and investors
• Cash Prizes
• Incubation and Product development support
• Product adoption(PoC) by Faizabad Police if selected

Problem Statements:

1. How do you counter Fake news and rumours from spreading.
a. Can there be a mechanism to get news verified.
b. Can citizens report fake news being spread.
c. Can there be a mechanism to counter fake news.
d. Can citizens download an app or subscribe to a service by police department for news and updates/restrictions/false rumours which is two directional.
2. There is often confusion in terms of jurisdiction of crime when people go to report. Can there be a mechanism to get this info based on location or location of crime in a simplified manner
3. Can there be a mechanism to register complaints in an anonymous manner for issues like stalking or harassment
4. Can there be a fool-proof mechanism to get all stake holders involved in solving the crime ( judiciary, police, forensics, prosecution and defence, citizenry) to be on one platform to reduce delays, avoid tampering of evidence and track progress of cases.
5. Can there be a mechanism where police can share info, updates and safe practices to citizens and citizens can share problems,challenges.
6. Mechanism to encourage and allow Citizen journalists to report crimes.
7. Women safety device.